Kara Sloan: WIP #2

May 14th, 2012

Time to tackle those asymmetrical shoulder pads!  So when she’s getting shot at does she turn sideways and try to hide behind this thing, or what?  Anyhow, it’s an opportunity to give some different color to the top of the model.  I tried going with the FoW:Cygnar white color scheme, but it came out bland, may have to revisit the shading a bit.  You’ll also notice I did the trim around the shoulder in gold already, but will be going back to retouch it once the white is complete.

Kara's big shoulder armor

For the Cygnus I tried to get a wide contrast from orange up to white and I think I got it (blurry photo not-withstanding).  after completing it I think I may have gone too high on the highlights for this application as it’s washing out with the already white shoulder pad.


Shoulder Cygnus

May 14th, 2012
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