Kara Sloan: WIP #4

May 26th, 2012

Time to work on the skirt.  While the original artwork has the skirt using the same Cygnar blues as the armor, I liked the departure taken with the studio model with a denim skirt instead, so I followed suit.

Denim skirt with white accents

I did the white accents on the skirt with my usual Jack Bone/Menoth White Highlight mix, tying Kara into the rest of my Cygnar forces.   I then went with gold buttons and silver rings, along with silver bullets with arcane blue engravings.  I based the bullets in Cold Steel, then hit the skirt-adjacent edges with Pig Iron darkened with Thamar Black and then touched a few Quick Silver highlights to the top edges.


Back of the skirt


I’m very pleased with how the skirt turned out.  The denim has a worn look to it and the white has a never-quite-comes-clean look.  I did also throw a base coat on the slate, but it went too brown on me.  Will pull that back more toward gray and need to get Spitfire (her rifle) painted up.

May 26th, 2012
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