Star Wars: Destiny – Broken Egg Games Token Set

February 2nd, 2017
Broken Egg Games Destiny Tokens

Broken Egg Games Destiny Tokens


Broken Egg Games recently released a Destiny Token Set: acrylic, double-sided tokens to replace the cardboard versions you get in the Destiny starter decks. These tokens cost $25+S/H for a set of 35. The cardboard tokens are more like generic symbols or icons representing their meaning and the Broken Egg versions usual more realistic artwork.  So you lose the immediate iconography connection between the symbols on the dice and cards, but once you’ve played a few times you know what each one means. The images are very sharp and the colors are overall bright and pleasing. The obvious benefit is that acrylic is more durable than cardboard, another is that the starter decks are still hard to find. While usually someone at your local store will have an extra sheet or two of tokens they can part with, it may be that you don’t have tokens at all.

Starter Set Cardboard Sheet of Tokens

The sheet of starter cardboard tokens includes:

  • 8 Resources
  • 7 1-pt Damage
  • 5 3-pt Damage
  • 5 Shields

The Broken Egg set includes:

  • 10 Resources
  • 10 1-pt Damage
  • 5 3-pt Damage
  • 10 Shields

Starter Cardboard vs Broken Egg Acrylic

The Broken Egg set includes more of everything except the 3-pt damage tokens. I would like more 3-pt tokens, for example if you’re running Poe (12 health) and 2 Hired Guns (9 health each), you could theoretically need up to seven 3-pt tokens. That hypothetical team has a total of 28 health, so you could need 25 points total at one time, so this set will cover that, but only just. If including another 2 tokens was too cost prohibitive then swap out two of the 1’s for two more 3’s, but really they should just toss in two more 3-pt tokens.

Resource Tokens

Each token is double-sided, one side featuring a hero/rebellion style, and the other a villain/empire style.  The resource tokens are slightly larger than their cardboard counterparts, and a different shape as they portray a more 3-D looking crate. The dark blue/red resource token is the one image I don’t like in this set. The edges and shading are not distinct enough and it doesn’t pop out in the same way the light grey cube image does.

1-pt Damage Tokens

3-pt Damage Tokens

The Damage tokens adopt a completely different shape, but keep the prominent number and add in a visual cue as well. For these there’s a green side and a red side for whatever color blaster fire you want to use, similar to X-Wing cardboard templates.

Shield Tokens

Lastly the shield tokens keep a shape reminiscent of the original and the villain side is very similar to the cardboard resource, while the revel side switches to a Rebel pilot helmet.


Thickness Comparison

The last thing to show it the thickness.  You’re looking at about a 3-to-2 ratio, with 3 cardboard tokens being just about equivalent to 2 acrylic tokens.

I ordered mine (along with a set of Guild Ball measuring sticks) on a Wednesday, they shipped out the following Tuesday, and I received them (Arizona to NY) on Thursday, so 8 days total.  I was hoping to have them for a tournament on the Tuesday after I ordered them, but the delay in shipment didn’t give it a chance.

February 2nd, 2017