November 12th, 2015


Masons - Harmony

Masons – Harmony

The last of the Mason’s starter set is kid-sister Harmony.  This is my least-favorite sculpt of those I’ve assembled.  I’m not quite clear on what she’s doing, though she has the requisite one foot in the air.  She’s also wielding a small sword, which is unusual for a Mason, with everyone else having more blunt instruments of the hammer and mallet variety. She’s also my least favorite player on the pitch, so I guess it doesn’t matter too much what I think of the sculpt as she won’t see too much table time.

Harmony - Lots of pieces

Harmony – Lots of pieces

Harmony comes in 5 pieces, the main body, the head, a scabbard and two arms.  There are all very tiny connection points, so pinning is recommended.

Ugh, that neck

Ugh, that neck

No matter what I did with pinning the head, I couldn’t get a smooth connection to the neck.  Maybe I wasn’t aligning it as the mold maker thought I should, perhaps something was molded incorrectly, I don’t know, but the neck was a mess, so off to the green stuff tube we go.

And the arms as well

And the arms as well

The right arm didn’t fit perfectly either, so back for more green stuff to smooth that out.

Masons - Harmony

Masons – Harmony

I followed the same Masons paint scheme as with Honor and  Mallet.  I made her hair more red/orange than the art might suggest, but I liked it. You can see just a bit here that when I went to paint the neck it was clear that between the misalignment and the green stuff, I couldn’t just paint it flesh colored. So I decided she would wear a metal necklace kind of like armor.


And in the photo from the back you can notice a mold line that escaped me running along the back of the armor on her right leg.  All in all this model is a candidate for someday getting another and starting over, but then again I don’t like the sculpt or the rules on her card, so I doubt I will ever do this one over again.


Guild Ball: Honour

October 27th, 2015
Mason's Guild - Honour

Mason’s Guild – Honour

As with Mallet, Honour shows a great action pose and as is often the case, only has one foot on the base. (more…)


Guild Ball: Mallet

October 20th, 2015
Mallet - Mason's Guild

Mallet – Mason’s Guild


This was undoubtedly the perfect model for me to kick off painting a new game system.  The sculpt is amazing, there is just enough detail to keep it visually interesting without being overwhelming.  The pose is a wonderfully dynamic running pose that gives you the feeling that Mallet is off to charge another mark.  Lastly, the expression on his face is really well executed. (more…)