All Quiet on the Cygnaran Front

January 10th, 2013

The blog has been quiet for the past few weeks.  After getting being sick with a fever for three days a few weeks back I’ve had a hard time regaining my painting momentum.  Add in the Holidays and how busy that was around here and I haven’t had much free time anyhow.  I have started in on Ol’Rowdy, but progress was intermittent at first and now none at all. I’ve been spending my free time woodworking. I am finally finishing the bookcase I started building for my son many months ago, to match the table I built for him shortly before he was born.  Followers of Hand Cannon Online will recall I also built a folding Warmachine table. Woodworking is definitely a hobby I enjoy and it was great to combine it with Warmachine.  I hope this wooden diversion will let be re-gather my painting drive and continue getting my Cygnaran forces painted.

I’ve read on numerous blogs and heard on many podcasts that many wargamers go through funks like this. In order to help get through I decided to pick a “fun” model to paint, which is why I chose to paint Rhupert last, but I can’t say as it helped much, though it’s nice to have him painted.  I then chose Ol’Rowdy as I had just done his BFF eStryker, but that hasn’t helped much either.



When a 2-year-old plays Warmachine…

November 19th, 2012

I’m not exactly sure how the Warmachine ruleset for 2-year-olds works, but it seemed very important that you place a die next to each mini.

Gobbers vs Khador

I don’t have high hopes for the unit of Cygnar Field Mechaniks with an Avenger against Winter Guard w/ UA, a max unit of Man-O-War Shocktroopers and a Manhunter all led by Sorscha. For a while my son had all the Gobbers in the woods, each with their own die beside them. I think that was a better plan than rushing out to meet the Khadorans head-on.  We can only hope reinforcements arrive soon for the Cygnarans.


Callie: 1998-2011

June 23rd, 2011

No new post this week as we mourn the loss of our dog Callie.

She will be greatly missed.



You find yourself in a tavern

March 16th, 2011

Countless D&D adventures begin with these six words, so why not a blog?  No, not a blog, a campaign, with each post an encounter, building into grandiose adventures set it in a world of geeking out, games, dice and table top miniatures.  Build a character, assemble your scale army and join in the tale that I create as we go.

Since I started DMing a 4e campaign last July, I have continually had thoughts and observations both from my own games and from what I read in the community online that I wanted to shared, but forum posting has it’s limits and is often just more noise in a sea of opinions, nearly unsearchable.  Those were the first stones, rolling down down a hillside.