Guild Ball for Warmachine Players

October 1st, 2015


When approaching Guild Ball for the first time many Warmachine and Hordes players will pick up on the similarities between the two game systems. There are important differences too.  He’s a run down of things you should Warmachine players should know as they begin Guild Ball.

  • You can measure anything at any time
  • 360-degree Line of Sight, there are no front/back arcs
  • Players alternate activating one model at a time
  • Successful die rolls based on number of individual dice that separately exceed a Target Number (TN), rather than a total of dice against a TN
    • So you might roll 4d6 looking to beat a TN of 3+, each die with a 3 or higher is a success.
  • Game isn’t just about dealing damage and Taking Out models
    • Some guilds, like Butchers, specialize in damage dealing, but it’s dependent on guild/team selection.
  • Influence is akin to Focus
    • Each model generates a set amount of Influence at the start of each turn (like Focus on a Warcaster) and it all goes into a combined pool.
    • You can allocate out the Influence like allocating Focus to warjacks, but the allocation limit is set per model (second number on the card under INF).
    • Just like Focus, you can buy as many mêlée attacks as you want using Influence.
    • Influence cannot be used for boosting, however you can spend [1] Momentum to increase the dice-pool by one.



Thunderdome Swamp Board

July 31st, 2015

After being introduced to Thunderdome at CaptainCon 2015, I knew we needed a board for our local store.  I set upon it immediately to get it done before our Reckoning event.


Woodworking Complete

The boards we had seen were 36″ diameter circles and designed for up to 8 players.  In order to provide a nice wood border around the outside I decided to go with an octagon.  The octagon I built has a maximum diameter of 36″ which means the flat edges are 33″ apart.  Each interior edge is 13 3/4″, with 22.5-degree angles cut on each end to form a regular octagon.  The bottom is made of hardboard and the edges are strips of a 2×4 I ripped down to 3/8″.  This keeps the board lightweight but sturdy.  I routed grooves into each edge piece that housed the hardboard.  Wood glue in the grooves and the angled edges holds the board together.  For some additional strength I also put two nails in each corner.



CaptainCon 2015: Draconic Awards

July 22nd, 2015

Captain Con 2015, that I helped Kickstart at the Captains level, has come and gone and I returned home with some painting awards. Which helps make up for my 1-3 record in the standard issue tournament.

The Draconic Awards ran the painting competition at CaptainCon.  I was interested to see how my work would be judged outside of a PP sponsored competition. Like the P3 competition at Lock & Load, the Draconic Awards had merit-based awards, where models are judged independently of each other and awarded gold, silver or bronze coins. They also had a Best of Show award and a People’s Choice award.


Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Pistoleers – Gold Merit and Best of Show Runner Up

My Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Pistoleers took a gold merit coin and won runner-up for Best of Show. (more…)


Gun Mage Captain Adept

March 11th, 2015
Gun Mage Captain Adept

Gun Mage Captain Adept

For the current Riven Bonds league, Cygnar’s Hero model is the Gun Mage Captain Adept.  He rarely sees the table, I think I’ve played him once ever. But with the league promising crazy bonuses like Weapon Master and +2 RNG, I was all in.