WWX-Lawmen: Wyatt Earp

January 30th, 2014

A departure from the usual Warmachine and Hordes, today we look at a Wild West Exodus model.  I backed WWX last year as part their Kickstarter campaign.  The models have at last arrived and I dived into the Lawmen faction.  So where do we start? At the top of course: with the boss Wyatt Earp.

The first problem was choosing a color scheme.  The thought of painting an entire faction in nothing but brown leathers was too much to take.  After much thought and much experimentation, I found Traitor Green to be what I was looking for.  Not too bold that it looks out-of-place in the old west, but still an interesting color that helps set the faction apart.  With that set as the primary color, I would use it for shirts and jackets, but pants…what color do I use for pants?  Further experimentation and I arrived at Battlefield brown.  Dark enough to set it apart from the leather browns, and still goes well with the green.

Wyatt Earp - Lawmen Boss

Wyatt Earp – Lawmen Boss



Wild West Exodus Kickstarter

March 4th, 2013


Anyone who follows my work over at Hand Cannon Online may have noticed I did a writeup for a Kickstarter last week titled Wild West Exodus.  Up to this point I’ve stuck to a single tabletop wargame (Warmachine, of course). But something about the WWX appealed to me.  I think it’s partly from watching a lot of Spaghetti Westerns featuring Clint Eastwood.  Combine that with some Civil War themes and notable characters from American history (Grant, Lincoln, Sitting Bull, etc) and color me interested.  Also look for the Firefly-themed Merc crew. Now add in some really good-looking minis and I was willing to read through and watch the videos.