Guild Ball: Honour

October 27th, 2015
Mason's Guild - Honour

Mason’s Guild – Honour

As with Mallet, Honour shows a great action pose and as is often the case, only has one foot on the base. (more…)


Guild Ball Cheat Sheet

October 22nd, 2015

When I picked up Guild Ball I found I was looking up the same rules repeatedly.  I put together a cheat sheet that, while dense, contains most of the rules I kept needing.  Each section contains a page number to look up further information within the rule book.

Guild Ball Cheat Sheet

Hopefully someone else finds it helpful.  Any suggestions or improvements welcome in the comments below.



Guild Ball: Mallet

October 20th, 2015
Mallet - Mason's Guild

Mallet – Mason’s Guild


This was undoubtedly the perfect model for me to kick off painting a new game system.  The sculpt is amazing, there is just enough detail to keep it visually interesting without being overwhelming.  The pose is a wonderfully dynamic running pose that gives you the feeling that Mallet is off to charge another mark.  Lastly, the expression on his face is really well executed. (more…)


Guild Ball for Warmachine Players

October 1st, 2015


When approaching Guild Ball for the first time many Warmachine and Hordes players will pick up on the similarities between the two game systems. There are important differences too.  He’s a run down of things you should Warmachine players should know as they begin Guild Ball.

  • You can measure anything at any time
  • 360-degree Line of Sight, there are no front/back arcs
  • Players alternate activating one model at a time
  • Successful die rolls based on number of individual dice that separately exceed a Target Number (TN), rather than a total of dice against a TN
    • So you might roll 4d6 looking to beat a TN of 3+, each die with a 3 or higher is a success.
  • Game isn’t just about dealing damage and Taking Out models
    • Some guilds, like Butchers, specialize in damage dealing, but it’s dependent on guild/team selection.
  • Influence is akin to Focus
    • Each model generates a set amount of Influence at the start of each turn (like Focus on a Warcaster) and it all goes into a combined pool.
    • You can allocate out the Influence like allocating Focus to warjacks, but the allocation limit is set per model (second number on the card under INF).
    • Just like Focus, you can buy as many mêlée attacks as you want using Influence.
    • Influence cannot be used for boosting, however you can spend [1] Momentum to increase the dice-pool by one.